Please choose one of the services listed below:

Private Consultations

Private Consultations: First-time Session

USED FOR: All Issues other than Stopping Smoking
APPLICABLE TO: All Ages, including Adults and Children

Duration: up to 2 hours.

Your first session takes close to 2 hours as it is important for Yvonne to acquire a thorough understanding of your situation.

If this is an initial session with a child (ages 5 through 13), Yvonne prefers consulting with at least one of the parents before starting work with the child. This gives her the necessary insight into the child’s family history and other important insights. Please have another adult with you to look after your child for the first hour so that the he or she cannot wait alone.

(2 hours)
R 950.00

Private Consultations: Quit Smoking Package

This package includes one 2-hour session followed by two 90-minute reinforcing sessions. Sessions are spaced about a week apart. If booked individually, they would cost R2,650.

Use this option to book your first session only. Do not book your follow-up sessions yet as Yvonne will tell you how to go about doing that later.

The full package fee is payable at your first visit.

(2 hours)
R 2,100.00

Private Consultations: Follow-up Adult Session

USED FOR: All follow-up work, other than Stopping Smoking
APPLICABLE TO: All adults, Ages 13+

Duration: up to 90 minutes.

(2 hours)
R 850.00

Private Consultations: Child Sessions (5 through 13 years)

USED FOR: All follow-up sessions with Children
APPLICABLE TO: Children, Ages 5 through 13

Duration: up to 1 hour.

(2 hours)
R 650.00 IconPowered by